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The fact that we may not need all those models from the get go alleviates some of that feeling. In that case I can go pledge for the models I'm most interested in.

Curious to see how it all plays out game- wise. Maybe something to consider further down the line? Of course if you do, then you run the risk of people wanting model X when model Y is included, so what do I know? Poorly lit photos of my ever- growing collection of completely unrelated models! Oh, look.

Rereading Beloved Books - The Wayfarer Redemption

Another fantasy miniature range where the males are heavily-armoured Charles Atlases and the females are skinny, big-boobed strippers. Because we didn't have enough of that already. Duskweaver wrote: Oh, look. All great feedback!

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Finding the right combination of figures was something we wrestled with. We probably should have done the 3 heroes and let you pick the henchmen you liked for a starter set. Thank you for the feedback on the look. We have only heard that one other time. I would love to hear more people thoughts before we make more. We have no issues with armoring the ladies and creating more variety with the men.

The huntsmen were a later design and we went for each character having a unique look.

Where we Pursue and Promote our Passions

One of my favorite is the one who looks like he has not missed a meal - successful hunter! Thanks, JB. Welcome to my world, Ciaphas. One to one?

Chapter 1. Toribia del Val and the Mysterious Wayfarer of Casas de Benítez

In close combat? Perhaps three Primarchs fighting together Kiln,- You should change the Huntsman and warscreamers. Probably make them a little barbaric. Black Sun- Warriors and Reavers could be a little different. Khindred- Redo the whole thing. Best if you pick Jerusalem, Persia or Feudal China than mash em together,.

Like the colors, though. Spirit Warden- Don't change a thing. Love all of it, especially the bull. Keep up the good work, and I hope this gets funded! Hey Parakuribo, Appreciate the feedback, bummer your not a fan of the Khindred. The Khindred and KoTK have complete lines in 15 mm. We have entire armies including giant war beast and war machines of over models. The game is the parent game to Heroes and is called Chronicles of the Wayfarer War. So, unfortunately, we are pretty committed to the look at this point.

As for the barbarians keep following for that one and we might have something up your ally. It is always good to get a feel for what people like and what they are tired of seeing. Is there a link to find out the material of these minis and their prices? The Khindred are the minis that interest me the most.

I would start here, for pricing and getting more information. Thank you. Those links were very helpful. I love the designs and the artwork--does Todd Ulrich have an art book for Chronicles of the Wayfarer.

The Unfortunate and Odd Life of Bennett Monroe: A Time Traveler's Tale

Barganrecon- Where can I find the original game? All I saw on your Kickstarter wars this and the bust, and your website doesn't show anything either. Todd has done over pieces of finished art and many more concepts for us, and he has been an irreplaceable part of our team. If you google his name, you can find his portfolio and other sites that show a lot of his work including what he has done for us. I think an art book of his work would be a great addition and easy for us to put together. I just added it to the project board.

Chronicles of the Wayfarer War was put on hold because of the number of figures we still needed to do. We have two of the armies completed which are the Knight of the Kiln and Kindred. Because of the scale, we have 15 mm troops and huge other models to interact with; It was proving to be a much bigger task than we were ready to handle. We pushed pause on it and did Heroes so people could get to know our Mythos and us.

We were also puzzled as to which way we want to go with War do we cast in resin, metal or injection molded.

I think due to the scope and scale injection molded is the way to go however, this is a costly direction, and it will impact the design and poses of the figures. I have to say a huge ancient bull beast versus a Siege Fortress is a cool match up, all the 15 mm troops spread around look like an afterthought. If you go to our facebook page and press photos and scroll down to older pictures, you can see some of the figures and things we were working on.

Day six of our Kickstarter, so what are we doing while we wait for the orders to come rolling in? Well, today we are working on the first of four mission objectives.

Science Fiction & Fantasy: Wayfarers series, by Becky Chambers

These are called reliquaries and are used by the races to collect trace amounts of Pantherium. Heroes can use them to activate the enchantments on their weapons during gameplay. There is one reliquary for each faction we hope to have the Knights of the Kiln finished tomorrow. Other objectives we have are Lairs, treasure, and Pantherium nodes. Enjoy the picture and would love to know what you think. Size Matters I have received a few questions and concerns about scale. Here is a quick picture to help answer that question.

We made these in a 32 mm scale just so parts are clear, easy to paint and have a presence on the game table. As you can see, they are basically the same size as GW figures. When looking at the pictures consider the base and the Khindred Khan is a slightly larger and imposing figure by design. Need to mention the Kickstarter in the post title and add a Kickstarter link in the first post! Hm, some of the proportions seem off to me, and some of the details a bit thick. But I like the designs; striking a balance between familiar and unique is difficult and I feel this line does it really well.

And they are complete lines, not fragmented portions to be completed later. Overall I am impressed. Withname Imagine three people with the same set of values but radically different emotional states, each of them believes their position is more valid than the other two, they all post using the same account, and your job is to make it coherent. Did you kidnap Privateer Press artists to do these for you? It's not a diss, just Ten gallons of water washed over his gunwales, and he camped for two nights by a dock for a fishing charter, waiting for the gusting northwest wind to let up, before proceeding south into Lake Champlain.

A few days later, he attracted the attention of a state trooper named Edwin Scollon, who wrote to me recently:. My time with Mr. Conant was brief.

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  5. He was the subject of a suspicious person complaint. A woman was enjoying a late summer afternoon on her back deck with friends. Conant paddled past her home, heading south, in his plastic canoe. She called the state police. I found Mr. Conant in a bed that he had made upon a pebbled shoreline and under a canopy of cedars.

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    He looked quite comfortable; he had a book propped up on his midsection and all that was left of his dinner was the can that had once contained it. It was readily apparent to me, from all that he had in and about his canoe, that Mr. Conant was making a long trip. He had made this little piece of shoreline his own for the night and even though he was outdoors, I did feel that I was about to disturb his privacy. As I approached, I called out a greeting to him in an attempt not to startle him. He did start a little, but I offered him my hand to put him at ease. He looked at me a little warily at first.