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The most dangerous threat of all? The possibility of falling in love, which will put their lives at risk. Alongside her journey is that of her mothers, finally getting married in the wake of the nationwide legalization of gay marriage, and of Cassie, navigating her own first-love feels.

In Strange the Dreamer , the first in a planned duology, she introduces a less likely hero: Lazlo Strange, an orphan-turned-librarian whose obsession with the lost city of Weep leads him, finally, to its borders. Meanwhile, a blue-skinned goddess girl and her supernaturally gifted companions walk the halls of an empty citadel, surviving on plums and rainwater. TL;DR: this book is too heady and stuffed with gorgeous prose to describe in a blurb.

Bestselling Series

Just read it. We Are Okay , by Nina LaCour This slender, gorgeous tale opens on an east coast dorm, emptying out for the winter holidays. As her classmates head home, Marin steels herself for days of isolation, broken only by a visit from her best friend, Mabel. Despite previously sharing everything, including a brief but heady romance, Marin left Mabel behind without warning following the sudden death of her grandfather, her only known relative.

Flirtation with a sexy upperclassman!

The 100 Best Children’s Books of 2018

City of Saints and Thieves , by Natalie C. Anderson Tiny lives in an abandoned building in the fictional African city of Sangui, pledging her allegiance to the Goondas gang and honing her revenge plot against the man who killed her mother: rich, white Mr. Greyhill, with whom she lived when she was small. Instead the two men bond over near-death experience, a fragile but growing trust, and, of course, storytelling, as Whalen Turner delves into the mythology of yet another people in her impeccably built fantasy world.

Coincidentally my favorite ice-cream order. Now I Rise , by Kiersten White The sequel to And I Darken , one of our favorite books of , has finally arrived, telling the second chapter in the story of fierce Lada, a genderbent Vlad the Impaler; her brother, Radu, who excels at more insidious forms of statesmanship; and Mehmed, the young, conquest-hungry sultan they both love. Mehmed has his sights set on taking Constantinople, Lada longs to reclaim her homeland of Wallachia, and Radu is caught between loyalty to the man who may never love him back, and the sister whose love always felt double-edged.

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Again White delivers beautifully researched historical fiction populated with imperfect characters who do terrible things in the name of love, religion, patriotism, and revenge. This is alt history at its most engrossing.

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Akata Warrior is a wholly original tale and feat of fantasy worldbuilding by an author whose gifts of invention feel endless. She believes that by cataloguing every potentially scary thing and avoiding it forever, she might be able to dodge the grip of the Big Bad Fear that will destroy her life, but changes her tune when she reunites with childhood friend Jonah. Soon the two are facing down her fears one by one, with Jonah as cameraman. But Esther remains on the lookout for Death, as embodied by the ageless reaper her grandfather met during the Vietnam War, a run-in that kicked off the curse.

This bold and funny story removes the handsome prince altogether, making Rapunzel the mistress of her own destiny. Printed with stunning pantone inks, Bethan Woollvin's unique and striking art style and drily comic voice make this perfect for fairy tale fans of all ages. After sailing the seven seas and making other pirates walk the plank, Rockabye Pirate is sleepy. There'll be no more yo-ho-hoing and no more 'A-harr me hearties! Little Red Riding Hood is bereft - Grandma has gone missing!

The Big Bad Wolf has left telltale hairs at Granny's house Has the Big Bad Wolf gobbled her up, or did he follow her on her beach side holiday, waiting to fatten her up?

Sky Private Eye with her bag of detective tricks and Just-in-time cupcake recipes is sure to solve the mystery in no time at all. One day, a young bear stumbles upon something he has never seen before in the forest. As time passes, he teaches himself how to play the strange instrument, and eventually the beautiful sounds are heard by a father and son who are picnicking in the woods.

The bear goes with them on an incredible journey to New York, where his piano playing makes him a huge star. He has fame, fortune and all the music in the world, but he misses the friends and family he has left behind. A moving tale of exploration and belonging from an exciting debut author-illustrator. The boy's grandma was a famous architect.

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Her garden is still full of old building materials. Unwilling to accept she has gone, the boy builds a giant structure from the bricks and girders he finds. And then Grandma comes to life! The boy is whisked away on an epic adventure across fields, through oceans and atop roofs.

But where is Grandma taking him? Peter's dog Nell has an amazing sense of smell. Whether it's finding a lost shoe or discovering who did a poo on the new gravel path, her ever-sniffing nose is always hard at work. But Nell has other talents too. Every Monday she goes to school with Peter and listens to children read. So who better to have on hand when they arrive one morning to discover that the school's books have all disappeared! Who could have taken them? And why? There's only one dog for the job Written by the brilliant Julia Donaldson and stunningly illustrated by the multi-talented illustrator and printmaker Sara Ogilvie, Detective Dog is a fast-paced celebration of books, reading, libraries, and the relationship between a little boy and his rather special dog.

What could be making that horrible howl? Could it be Owl, Moose, Bear or Goose?

СОБАЧЬЕ СЕРДЦЕ (советский фильм комедия драма)

Or could it be. Packed with stylish illustrations and lyrical text from talented author-illustrator Jonny Lambert, The Great Aaa-Ooo is sure to become a bedtime favourite. This gorgeous animal picture book is perfect for reassuring children and toddlers who are scared of the dark or adjusting to sleeping in a big bed or in their own room. Would you fly like a bird or a rocket ship? Would you swim beneath the ocean, like a shark or an octopus?

With rhyming phrases moving the adventure forward, the reader is given opportunities to make simple decisions, which affects how the story unfolds. This results in creating a unique experience each time the book is read.

Sammy Keyes - Wendelin Van Draanen

Simple words are visually emphasised to help promote early reading development, comprehension and word recognition. Ultimately, the story ends with a positive moral lesson that plants the seeds for confidence and self-acceptance in young readers. With haunting echoes of the current refugee crisis this beautifully illustrated book explores the unimaginable decisions made as a family leave their home and everything they know to escape the turmoil and tragedy brought by war. This book will stay with you long after the last page is turned.

Almost every day on the news we hear the terms "migrants" and "refugees" but we rarely ever speak to or hear the personal journeys that they have had to take. This book is a collage of all those personal stories and the incredible strength of the people within them. Every day, Jim Hickory the lumberjack heads into the forest with his trusty axe and chops down trees. Unfortunately, all sorts of creatures lose their homes in the process, so Jim gives them a home in his beard - until one day it all just gets too much.

Time for Jim to come up with a better solution! A story with a green message. An enchanting bedtime story about a small boy who is the custodian of night, from talented new picture book author and poet, Louise Greig, with beautifully atmospheric illustrations by Ashling Lindsay. Louise Greig's lyrical voice and Ashling Lindsay's warm, endearing illustrations hold a candle up to the magical nature of night-time in this soothing picture book.

Perfect for cosying up to read and share before bedtime, The Night Box is an original bedtime tale that sits perfectly alongside classics such as The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark — great for reassuring little ones who have a fear of the dark and calming down lively children before bedtime!

Together they decide to work together to take care of the Thing. But before long a media circus builds up around the creature they are protecting and the debate about the Thing spreads far around the world.