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Selected publications. Campos, D. September Principal Leadership, 18 1 , Delgado, R. February Enhancing relationships with parents of English language learners. Principal Leadership, 12 6 , Reaching out to Latino Families of English language learners. October The authors spoke to many points relative to the population we serve at Garden Hills. I took that to mean that this may signify the need for teachers to initiate communication with parents in order to ensure that a concerted collaborative effort is made to ensure student success both academically and socially in school.

This communication needs to happen early and often.

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There are numerous skills that need to be mastered in primary grades, requiring reading readines, basic number sense and social. If parents wait for a child to enroll in kindergarten we tend to face significant challenges preventing us, as educators from preparing students for a successful academic experience. This book would be an awesome resource for every adminstrative team in our North Atlanta cluster. Perhaps we could do a book study around it as well. I liked the reference that one author made regarding the importance of knowing themselves as a pre-requisite for successfully working within a diverse communities.

They also encourage teachers to challenge students and make resources available to them if they are low SES; do not allow that to change expectations. Reaching out to Latino Families was quite riveting!

Mary Esther Soto Huerta - Google Scholar Citations

What I admire most about the latino population at our school is that most of the parents themselves have never been formally educated in their own language and may lack necessary academic skills. However, they make it a priority that their children are educated.

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They are supportive of all school functions with their time and resources. Teachers and administrators need to really be ready to build true and authentic relationships with students and the families they serve.

Without a willingness to go beyond the classroom it will be difficult to truly engage students and parents in a genuine relationship with learning as the focus. The comment regarding poverty is very real for the students at GHES. This video had a lot of great points. I think they were correct in acknowleging the fact that the Latino population is booming and soon there will be quite a few Spanish speaking students in the classroom.

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  5. I think those students will also be an asset to the community by bringing in diversity and their own customs and traditions. It is quite important that the school understand what the family expectations are as far as school is concerned.

    Reaching Out to Latino Families of English Language Learners

    Often times the teachers are seen as the expert and parents feel that the teachers know what is best for their child. They all come from different places and have different socio economic backgrounds and we need to be mindful of that. Lastly, I felt a great point was made by saying depending on where you are from you may not know how the schooling is done here in the United States and teachers might need to explain so that parents understand what the student is expected to know and learn. This video was insightful and I feel was extremely relevant to this class.