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Provide bedding materials such as shredded paper or pelleted recycled paper and change bedding regularly. Avoid feeding seeds and grains, as these are too high in fat and sugar. Access to fresh, clean water is a must at all times. Feed treats sparingly: The following should be considered as treats and only be offered in very small amounts: cereals, grains, seeds, breads, biscuits, sweets, cooked pasta and rice and breakfast cereals.

Pocket pets Find your best friend for life. Choose the adoption option and help a guinea pig or mouse Guinea pigs are social, inquisitive creatures that make lovely pets. Before adopting a pocket pet, ask yourself: Am I over 18? Am I in a financial position to meet the ongoing costs associated with caring for a guinea pig or mouse? Do I have the environment to ensure a guinea pig or mouse is safe and secure at all times? Does my current lifestyle allow me quality time to exercise, play and spend time with a guinea pig or mouse? Description: They are very small, measuring only slightly over three inches and weighing less than an ounce.

Winter Whites are often found on the pet market, in Europe and Asia more so than in North America and indeed are rarely found in pet stores in Canada. Winter White hamsters make good pets for teens or adults, not for younger children.

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  • They are not likely to bite but do not like to be cuddled or held. Due to a hamsters poor eyesight the risk of falling or jumping off your hand is high. Description: Their average size is inches. They are unique because of their tails, which are unusually long for a hamster. They actually resemble a mouse, and have a long slender body. The wild color is greyish brown above with a black stripe down the spine and a whitish belly.

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    This coloration, combined with their lithe build and longer tail, makes them look "mousy" to some eyes and, in fact, they are members of the group called ratlike hamsters. Besides the wild colour, a well-known variation is the white-spotted Chinese hamster, which often is greyish white all over, with only a dark stripe on its back. Description: Their size is approximately inches in length with a very short tail.

    It has hairless feet with four toes on the front feet and five on the back feet. Like most members of the subfamily, the Syrian Hamster has expandable cheek pouches, which extend from its cheeks to its shoulders. In the wild, hamsters are larder hoarders; they use their cheek pouches to transport food to their burrows. Syrian Hamsters are wildly popular as house pets due to their docile, inquisitive nature and small size.

    They are popular as "first pets" for young children, as well as being classroom animals, because of their hardiness and relative ease of care. Some pet owners find them more attractive than rats and other rodents due to their lack of visible tails. However, their lack of tolerance towards each other is seen by some as a drawback.

    Description: They are the largest of all hamster species, being similar in size to guinea pigs, measuring up to 10 inches long.

    The ideal home for your guinea pig

    The black-bellied hamster is found from Belgium e. Bertem with a thriving population and Alsace in the west, to Russia in the east, and Romania in the south. In captivity, the European hamster has an unusually long life span, living up to eight years.

    Top 10 Small And Cute Pet's That Could Be Right For Your Kids Full collection

    They are very rarely kept as pets and have been known to attack large dogs if they feel threatened. Description: Roborovski's Phodopus roborovskii are the smallest and fastest of all hamsters commonly kept as pets. Distinguishing characteristics of the Roborovskis are the white spots where the eyebrows would be, and the lack of the dorsal stripe seen in all other dwarf hamsters.

    They live, on average, to three and a half years of age. Recently, a mutation has arisen producing a "husky", also known as "white-faced", phase. Breeding these lines with agouti Roborovskis produces a diluted appearance of their natural sandy color. Description: The Dutch rabbit is a small-medium size rabbit with a stocky body and a short rounded head. The Dutch rabbit has a white inverted V shaped blaze that extends from its nose tapering up to a point between its ears.

    The front and back legs are white. The coat is short and dense. Description: The French lop rabbit has a stocky body with sturdy, fairly short legs. The coat is dense and soft and slightly long. A French Lop is able to live outside and inside, a water-proof hutch that shelters the rabbit from any rain, snow, or heat is acceptable.

    Little Ones

    If inside, a hutch or a cage can be used. If you are not giving your Lop regular time to spend with, consider getting two rabbits, a lonely rabbit that does not get regular exercise or companionship can be anti-social and depressed. Description: The lionhead rabbit is small rabbit with a stocky body. The coat is dense and of medium length with a mane of long hair circling its head. The Lionhead has a well-rounded body, head bold with well developed muzzle. Their legs are of medium length and not too fine in bone. Their ears do not exceed 3 inches in length. Their mane is between inches in length to form a full circle around the head, extending to a 'V' at the back of the neck falling into a fringe between the ears.

    Noticeably longer hair on the cheeks and chest. The coat is dense and of medium length, roll back and even all over body in Adults. Description: The Netherland dwarf rabbit has a small compact body and a short neck.

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    The ears are small, erect, rounded at the tips. The coat is short and soft. They tend to have spunkier and more energetic temperaments than larger breeds of rabbit and are rarely content to sit still when outside of the cage.

    Things to Know Before Getting a Pet Guinea Pig

    They are curious animals and have a tendency to nibble on nearby objects and even human beings. However, they are extremely fragile animals and easily stressed, and as such they do not make good pets for young children. Description: The Polish rabbit is compact but elegant with slender legs. The head is small and rounded and the ears are small, and erect.

    Cage pets for kids

    The coat is short, fine and thick. Because of their small size, Polish rabbits need less space in cage and barn facilities, and take up less space in apartments than some of the larger bunnies. As with other small breed rabbits, they tend to be higher strung than their larger counterparts. They are also not ideal pets for small children as they are easily dropped, injured and stepped on.

    Their high-strung nature makes them more suited for a mature, rabbit-loving, adult home. However, the polish rabbit is not usually mean.