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When Alison went to a leading London hospital for an operation, she expected to be home in three weeks. But after contracting MRSA, it was a different story. The Wellcome Trust has funded other organisations to produce the following activities and resources related to epidemics. Each issue of 'Big Picture' comes with a sprinkling of Fast Facts, fascinating snippets of information on the topic covered. Issue 6 September Fighting infections How and why might we overcome infectious diseases? Old and new challenges Which organisms can cause infections?

Dr Newtons Secrets-to-Healthy-Living Pages 1 - 50 - Text Version | FlipHTML5

Breaking barriers Some pathogens stick to their favourite hosts Humans and pathogens The way humans live has had a huge impact on the spread of disease A pathogen on the march Climate change is affecting which diseases strike where Loss of liberty Do human rights go out of the window when a pandemic strikes? Understanding transmission To halt the spread of a disease, you need to know how it is transmitted Spread the word In infectious disease, not everyone is equal Under control What can we do to prevent pandemics? Evolving resistance Evolution of pathogens can be bad news Border order Can nations protect themselves from emerging infections?

A matter of trust Is it ever OK to restrict personal freedoms for the greater good? Responding to Ebola How can medical research keep up with disease outbreaks? Case study: Hepatitis C A growing and under-recognised problem. Community challenge Infections can come from many sources Herd mentality Childhood vaccination against infectious diseases has saved countless lives.

Under control What can we do to prevent pandemics? Death on the doorstep The Black Death was the most severe pandemic ever recorded New infections identified since A timeline of infectious diseases Culture of epidemics New diseases have inspired numerous works of fiction. Industrial relations Love them or loathe them, pharmaceutical companies have an important role to play in disease control Weighing up the risks How should individuals and governments respond to the possibility of new outbreaks? Free at any cost? States that require prescribers and dispensers to register with and use prescription drug monitoring programs saw notably fewer opioid prescriptions and reduced opioid-related hospital use compared to states with weak drug monitoring program mandates.

Surescripts finds that e-prescription accuracy has increased by 64 percent since , even with 40 fields that need to be filled in. Pharmaceutical companies are spending a lot of money to support the senators they need to stop any kind of drug-pricing legislation. Using mouthwash messes with your oral microbiome enough that it might even outweigh some of the benefits of exercise. An international team of scientists has shown that the blood pressure-lowering effect of exercise is significantly reduced when people rinse their mouths with antibacterial mouthwash, rather than water — showing the importance of oral bacteria in cardiovascular health.

Exceptional Teachers Teaching Exceptional Children

In the wake of Hurricane Dorian and the state of emergency, the Board of Pharmacy has activated Policy 14, which covers these kinds of emergency situations. During the state of emergency, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians not licensed in Georgia but licensed in other states may do their jobs in Georgia.

Not surprisingly, with marijuana laws relaxing across much of the country, the potential medical benefits of cannabis are attracting more interest. The American Association of Anesthesiologists took a survey , in fact, and found that…. More than two-thirds of those surveyed said they have used or would consider using marijuana or cannabinoid compounds — including cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol — to manage pain.

A study presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress reiterates a recent recommendation: Healthy people over 70 should avoid an aspirin regimen. The reason is that every person should have the same access. PCOM Georgia and Valdosta State University have joined forces to allow aspiring pharmacists to shave a year off their doctoral programs. Scientists turned human skin cells into stem cells. Then they turned the stem cells into brain cells.

Latest and Archived Questions

And then the organoids started producing brain waves. As the organoids mature, the researchers also found, the waves change in ways that resemble the changes in the developing brains of premature babies. At least 17 children in Spain were turned into werewolves because of a medication mix-up. The laboratory [that mislabeled the meds] was eventually shut down and the medicine taken off the market. Officials have opened an investigation. Having so many people concentrated in detention camps has lead to a danger of mumps spreading — at least cases so far have been reported , per the CDC.

One bit of good news: Many of the countries the migrants are from have high vaccination rates of the MMR.

Who names generic drugs, bananas and weight loss, flu shot delay, and more

When a malignancy or chronic infection sets in, a kind of immune combat fatigue can follow. Finding ways to recharge immune cells can restore their ability to fight deadly diseases. The cops will have it on hand not just for humans who overdose, but in case any of their dogs is exposed to opioids, especially fentanyl.

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The Department of Community Health is making changes to the way provider enrollments are submitted — so you might need to know this stuff! For at least three years, the DEA has been refusing to grant any permits for suppliers of marijuana for scientific research. The agency has said since that it will, but then … nothing.

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At least 33 applications are awaiting review. Now, under pressure from Congress and scientists, the agency has said it will … work on new guidelines. Despite marijuana being legalized or decriminalized in one form or another in more than half of U. Albania, the Czech Republic, Greece, and the U. The United States is expected to lose its status later this year; we were officially declared measles-free in , but that has since changed, and the current outbreak will probably break the one-year mark.

State-sponsored Chinese hackers are breaking into U. No one is believed to be infected, but A 21 of them have opted for treatment just in case, and B the article features a video with horrific pictures of people who did contract the disease, vicious dogs, and dead animals. And one cute raccoon. Good news for Georgia: The state has among the lowest rates of painkiller abuse in the country. That would allow the profits from all drug sales, including the opioid painkiller OxyContin, to go to the plaintiffs — largely states, cities, towns and tribes.

Eat more plants.

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Although it probably applies to everyone else, too. Are you worried that, with all the attacks on pharma companies lately, they might not get support in Washington? Admit it, you also thought it was a way to fight obesity while reducing our carbon footprint. And our hats off to husband Mike, pictured below, who — rumor has it — is on the short list for an Oscar nod. While the U. The American Academy of Pediatrics, working with Self magazine, has made available a host of new, updated stock photos to illustrate vaccinations.

Well, the people are more diversified, for one. The syringes in the new pictures are the kind that are actually used. The AAP is making the new images available free to anyone looking to illustrate a print, broadcast, or online publication. As public-health officials confront the largest outbreak in the U.


Australian researchers have found that the white rock sea snail produces a purple compound to protect its eggs — a compound that appears to protect against bowel and colon cancers. A couple of weeks ago we told you about a mysterious spate of people going to the ER with some sort of vaping-related condition. Little did they know that it was to be the first of many cases.

Join the Georgia Pharmacy Association for an afternoon at the Atlanta Braves — the last home game of the season, in fact. The game is Sunday, September 22, The CE starts at noon; the game begins at p. Want to come for the game only?

Digestive Enzymes Benefits - Simple But Critical Advice

Georgia is seeing signs that the prescription opioid epidemic might be waning in the state, with opioid scripts dropping by 13 percent between and The better news is that opioid-related deaths dropped by almost the same amount 12 percent. That seems to indicate that people are not simply turning to street drugs, but are actually quitting their painkillers. For the upcoming flu season, the CDC has its list of recommendations. Check them out in detail , but here are the basics:.

Children 6 months to 8 years get two doses — the first dose should be given ASAP so they can receive the second dose, which must be given at least 4 weeks later, by the end of October. If you happen to be sitting in traffic on I North just past exit 14, check out the new billboard from Drug Free Cherokee, made possible thanks to the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities:.

If vaccination rates continue to decline, Texas is doomed. They won in court based on the first argument. It used to be available for humans, but now only dogs can get it; a combination of side effects, low demand, and vaccine fear got it pulled from the market. That might change, though. Newly released documents show that two government scientists sounded the alarm about opioid abuse, especially among teens, back in Just as measles is making a comeback in the U. You know about services that will make custom pill packages for patients.

But how about combining all their meds into a single, personalized pill?