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  1. Air Cargo Security Program - Transport Canada
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Customs Brokerage Cross-border imports from Canada into the U.

Air Cargo Security Program - Transport Canada

Blog Posts. The Air Cargo Security Program has as its goal the establishment of a secure supply chain that keeps air cargo safe and free from tampering while being handled at different stages of its journey. Starting October 17, , air cargo can be screened and made secure from as early as the time it is packed, up until it is tendered to an air carrier.

Regulated Agent.

A Primer On Air Cargo Security

Certified Agent. While 82 percent of industrial companies which export a high proportion of goods regard security precautions as an integral part of logistical processes, only 59 percent of small-and-medium-sized service providers attach the same importance, the study found. The study specifically looked at European regulation and found that 80 percent of those surveyed thought the requirements of EU security regulations delay urgent air freight and drive costs high. Most companies, 77 percent, and 83 percent of freight handlers said that security requirements account for up to ten per cent of all logistics costs.

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But there are other ways to mitigate risk. This data is subjected to detailed analysis and compared against intelligence on possible terrorist threats in an Automatic Targeting System also run by CBP, so that physical checks can be focused where they are most needed. The system also has its trusted ports and trusted shippers, and the U. But all this analysis requires data to be recorded in the first place.

Tightening air cargo security

Analysis tools, when combined with targeted screening of air cargo, help detect suspicious shipment patterns. The ability to quickly react and respond to intelligence is what stopped the printer cartridge bombs from reaching their final destination. Countries around the world should expand the sharing of intelligence tools and standardized data with each other, in order to obtain the visibility needed to detect and stop the terrorist activities on the horizon.

International standards could be implemented to improve the detail reported to customs agencies globally, to provide a full view of information that exists at the time of the booking and maintain this through delivery. This detail would provide enhanced visibility of cargo handling and movement when integrated into intelligence systems. We also need to provide full traceability for all shipments. The U. The same concept and solution could be implemented for air cargo and support real-time investigation and targeting analysis.

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  • There are other ways to generate actionable information in addition to the data points consciously recorded by personnel. The dynamic data generated by the secure container appliance will improve the safety of the container and eliminate the need for non-invasive inspection or green lane processing. Threats like the one in Yemen demonstrate that being proactive is key. Shipping service providers face a dynamic security landscape subject to government regulations and an evolving risk environment.

    They need to proactively improve the level of data they collect at origin and throughout the shipping process. And they need to focus on identity verification as a key first step. More efforts should be put towards risk-based targeting for air cargo. Industry bodies must play their role too.

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    They should expedite the creation and adoption of security data standards to help out on this daunting task. And once that data can be made actionable, governments should establish improved information sharing practices to get intelligence to the front lines quickly. We just need greater cooperation across national and organizational boundaries.

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    Steve Vinsik is vice president of Enterprise Security at Unisys. Not every government can afford them. And among those that can afford good technology, too often, resources are deployed elsewhere to provide citizens with more visible signs of government response to threat. It collects advance information on shipments 24 hours before loading at the final port prior to reaching the U. I've been writing about technology and investing for more than 25 years Steve Vinsik: Is it safe?